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Just a quick note on the RSS feed - the effect of the technical change we just made is that your podcast browser (e.g. iTunes) may show you two versions of all the old episodes, or try to download all the old ones again. Sorry about this but of course you can just delete them (or listen to them again!). And it should not happen with episodes that go up from now on. For RSS nerds, the issue was that the RSS feed that has hosted the podcast for a long time which is based in London was becoming problematic in various ways, so we set up a second feed via Podbean. This is what feeds the episode pages here on the site. This meant I had to upload everything twice plus there were problems with the old feed (like the format of the date stamp which has caused the problem with the Podcast app on Apple devices). So we have put a forwarding command in the old feed to go to the new Podbean feed, which is where I'll upload everything from now on. Anyway hope no one will be too annoyed but the main thing is that the new podcasts will keep coming without your having to resubscribe to a different feed.

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