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Listeners starved for podcast content during our August break will be glad to know that the wait is almost over: September 4 we relaunch with the next episode of the Africana Philosophy podcast. Here is what is coming up between now and the end of the year, if all goes well!

HAP 106 Frantz Fanon’s Wretched of the Earth [Sept 4]
HAP 107 Interview with Lewis Gordon on Fanon [Sept 18]
HAP 108 Julius Nyerere [Oct 2]
HAP 109 Lorraine Hansberry  [Oct 16]
HAP 110 Black Power [Oct 30]
HAP 111 The Black Panthers [Nov 13]
HAP 112 Maulana Karenga [Nov 27]
HAP 113 Black Arts Movement [Dec 11]
HAP 114 Black Theology [Dec 25]

HoP 403 Peter Ramus [Sept 11]
HoP 404 Interview with Robert Goulding on Ramus [Sept 25]
HoP 405 Ramism [Oct 9]
HoP 406 Toleration in France [Oct 23]
HoP 407 Interview with Maria Rosa Antognazza on religious tolerance [Nov 6]
HoP 408 The Huguenots [Nov 20]
HoP 409 Jean Bodin [Dec 4]
HoP 410 Interview with Ann Blair on Bodin and French science [Dec 18]

And in the meantime don't forget to check out the recent bonus episodes: animals in Islamic philosophy (four installments!) and an audio version of a  chapter from my upcoming book on authority and belief in medieval philosophy.


Kubelick on 30 September 2022


Hi peter. I can't say for sure when exactly i decided to go back to school, but i am sure, listening to the pidcasts for the past years was the crucial inspiration to sign up. Starting (restaring after 30 yrs) school on 17 okt. Philosophy at lmu. I am undescrabably excited and:


For the spark! 

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Peter Adamson on 2 October 2022

Back to school

That is great to hear! Hope you will enjoy the degree, I’m glad to have helped nudge you towards this decision. 

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