Philosophie in der Krise?

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For those who can read German: today's "Süddeutsche Zeitung" has an interesting and very critical article in it about the overproduction of PhDs in Germany, and in philosophy in particular, without a correspondingly large number of positions for these doctoral students to occupy after finishing. I agree it is a problem, and not just in Germany, but it is not so easy to solve: it's hard to reject promising individual PhD students on the rather general grounds that there are not enough jobs out there, and really all one can do is be realistic with them about the situation (most are all too well aware what they are getting into). Of course it would be great if there were more good, permanent positions available, and this is the real solution - but this would require a major reallocation of resources, away from expensive full professorships and cheap temporary adjunct positions and towards tenure-track or junior professorships.

The article does however conclude that the philosophy business in Germany today is "Heidegger's nightmare," and it's hard to imagine higher praise than that!

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