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On the Olympic broadcast there was a track final where there was only one white runner, and the commentator drily observed, "der schnellste Weisse," i.e. "the fastest white guy." I don't think you would hear that on American or UK television.

Yannick Kilberger on 16 August 2012

Such comments are always

Such comments are always shocking, even more so when they come unexpectedly. Sadly this is not a trademark of Germany, here in France Thierry Roland was a football commentator who passed away in June and was known for such comments (http://www.foothese.com/les-phrases-les-plus-racistes-de-thierry-roland…).

On the same note, one of the last times I had to suffer television was at a time of conflict between France and Germany regarding the economic crisis and a comic sketch that amounted to plain insults towards the latter country seemed to be greatly enjoyed by all and sundry.

Ο βιος εστι καλος...

quackalist on 10 September 2012

Dunno, but I think you can

Dunno, but I think you can say/mean "der schnellste Weisse," i.e. "the fastest white guy." in ways that could be shocking or be shocking to be thought shocking in and of itself. Wouldn't like to say how it was meant without hearing ...not that I know German, or have any interest in Olympic runners.

Somehow, apart from the odd picture and headline the Olympics passed me by...

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