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I can now announce that the new volume on Byzantium and Renaissance Philosophy will be out in February 2022! As if that weren't exciting enough, paperback versions of the volumes on Medieval Philosophy and Classical Indian Philosophy will both be out in January 2022. We can correct typos and errors that were in the hardback versions so if you spotted anything please let me know, you can do this by email:

The whole series is available from Oxford University Press.

Eduardo on 8 July 2021


Hi professor!

Do you have any solid plans for translations of your books? I would love to have spanish versions of your books so I could use them for philosophy courses. Also some german versions would be great so I could keep practicing meine Deutsche Sprache.


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Peter Adamson on 8 July 2021


There are actually already translations of vol.1 in Korean, and vol.3 in Swedish, but I hope there will be more. I've explored the idea of a German version, since I live in Germany, but that hasn't really come to anything yet.

Jo on 16 April 2024


Will Volume 6 be published in paperback?

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Peter Adamson on 16 April 2024


Yes! I was actually just talking to the press about that. Should hopefully be out within the next year.

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