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I recently wrote a column for "Inside Higher Education" on using new media (like, you know, podcasts) to spread the word about philosophy. Here is the link.

Michael W. Donnelly on 25 January 2015

Hi Professor:

Hi Professor:
I discovered your podcasts after reading the column in "Inside Higher Education." I studied some philosophy at Columbia in the early 1960s. The great figure in teaching the history of philosophy course was John Herman Randall. In his lectures he followed his early thoughts on "The Career of Philosophy" now dated, out of print. the presentation and writing style overwhelming. It was an exhilarating course. Now after many decades, with leisure to pursue neglected interests, I have returned to the beginnings using Kenny, Stanford Encyclopedia and of course the actual writings of individual philosophers (spent 6 months on Laws of Plato, a lot of time on Aristotle). In my reading I am in the Middle Ages. Great pleasure to discover you podcasts. Bought you book. Yes, Aristotle is number one. Do continue the story. I look forward to making it with you to the 20th century. I will probably get ahead of you!

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Peter Adamson on 25 January 2015

Fantastic! Hope you enjoy the

Fantastic! Hope you enjoy the series.

Glenn Houtary on 7 February 2015

I believe most folks can

I believe most folks can weigh and consider any perspective. Why some can even come to a conclusion. I do not believe this is reserved for those with higher education. I think we are all better citizens with some knowledge and information. Thank you for sharing the rich history of philosophy in podcast form. It is tons of fun!

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