Me on Partially Examined Life: Ficino on love

Posted on 25 July 2022

Just released: another guest podcast appearance from me, this time talking about Ficino's commentary on Plato's Symposium with the guys from Partially Examined Life!

Karl Young 1 August 2022


Nice interview Peter; good to hear more generally about your path, though it was a little intimidating to hear how organized you are re. shoe horning the podcast work into an already full academic career. I was oddly comforted by the brief discussion of the, I guess pretty obvious, fact that podcast listeners usually only retain the outline (I sometimes worry about my aging brain forgetting the details ! - but that’s why the books are great; even if I only refer to them occasionally, I know where to find some of the details). But mostly I’m very happy that after a brief binge a few years ago I’m currently caught up. Looking at starting the podcasts from scratch at this point would be a little daunting. Anyway thanks for your great work; I think it’s a truth (Platonic or modern analytic) that the world is a much better place for it (and lord knows the world really needs it at this point !)


Thanks very much! The really alarming thing is that, never mind remembering things in podcasts I have heard, I often forget stuff in the podcasts I wrote myself! Though I usually find I can remind myself if I look back at the scripts and notes.

Karl Young 2 August 2022

In reply to by Peter Adamson


Ha, even the master can sometimes forget ! :-)

And sorry, this is just a brief correction for anyone that’s confused by my original comment; it looks like I posted it in the wrong place. This was actually a response to your interview on The Human Podcast.

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