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Thanks to an ingenious listener, I now have transcripts of all the interview episodes in a raw form; these were done by automatic voice recognition, so they have some errors (though astonishingly few) and some other drawbacks, for instance no indication of who is saying what. I thought I might appeal to the listeners out there for volunteers to prepare some of these transcripts for publishing on the website, since this would be a valuable resource. This would just involve tidying them up a bit and putting them on webpages to be posted here on the site (the episode page would link to them). There are about 130 of them! If you'd be interested in helping, even for only a small number of the interviews, please email me at peter.adamson@lrz.uni-muenchen.de.

Faizan on 30 March 2023


My name is Faizan and i am pursuing a phd in philosophy. I would be happy to help in any way possible.

Felix on 30 March 2023


Hi Peter,
I'd be willing to give one a go and see how I get on. Do I get to choose my episode? :-)

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Peter Adamson on 30 March 2023

Choose your own episode

Sort of like the "choose your own adventure" books I grew up with. Yes, you do actually! I'll contact you by email with more information. 

Kolja on 31 March 2023


Would like to work on interview transcripts on ethics and or epistemology!

Karl Young on 3 April 2023

Giving transcription a shot

Hi Peter,

In an effort to try in some minuscule way to thank you for the amazing podcas(s), I’m happy to give transcription a go if you want to email me re. what’s involved.

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