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Guess what I got in the post today? My author copies of HoPWaG volume 5, on Classical Indian philosophy, of course written together with Jonardon Ganeri. Really honored to have been able to collaborate with him, a world-leading expert on this topic.

Spencer on 28 January 2020

Peter, congratulations on the

Peter, congratulations on the new book. Well done!

Now, I know what you're thinking...those of us viewing the photo are wondering which of the two animals is Hiawatha. 

dukeofethereal on 5 March 2020

Congrats professor, should

Congrats professor, should keep us company until when you and Professor Ganeri tackle Medieval Indian thought up until modern times. Judging from Africana and China, maybe 5-6 years? 

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Peter Adamson on 6 March 2020

Yes, at least that

Yes, at least that unfortunately. The plan is finish Africana, then classical Chinese, then not sure - either more on China and East Asia (Korea and Japan), more on India, or something else like philosophy in the Americas.

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