288. Men in Black: the German Dominicans

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Dietrich of Freiberg, Berthold of Moosburg, John Tauler and Henry Suso explore Neoplatonism and mysticism.



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Thanks to Evan King for his advice and comments on this episode!


Salman Aslam on 15 November 2017


I cannot even begin to thank you for this wonderful project.  Super job!!


In reply to by Salman Aslam

Peter Adamson on 15 November 2017


And thanks to you for listening!

Dave Lavery on 20 August 2019

Small book of truth

Professor, these episodes were tremendous. I have been trying to find Henry Sousa small book of truths, aber, auf English bitte. My German is sehr schlecht. Any chance you could point me in a direction to find a copy in English translation?

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