285. Dominik Perler on Medieval Skepticism

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The medievals were too firm in their beliefs to entertain skeptical worries, right? Don't be so sure, as Peter learns from Dominik Perler.



Further Reading

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Daniel on 25 September 2017

Great interview! Very

Great interview! Very informative and easy to follow. 

Eric on 2 October 2017


That was terrific!

One of my favourite episodes. Took me back out of the Medieval weeds and seemed to be a primer for Early Modern/Renaissance philosophy. Still love your series thoroughly.

Robert Jackson on 6 October 2017

Really outstanding

Peter,  I really enjoyed this discussion.  My quiestion - has anyone compared the work of the medieval skeptics to F. Bacon's 4 Idols?   After all,  F. Bacon developed, IMO, an extremely sophisticated criticque of sense data in his model.   F. Bacon, however, did not go into skepticism - he simply changed the model for determining truth in the physical world.   

In reply to by Robert Jackson

Peter Adamson on 7 October 2017


Gosh, I don't know the answer to that one - maybe someone else can help. Obviously I will be covering Bacon when I get to the Renaissance so maybe the answer will turn up when I get there.

Glad you liked the episode!

Thomas Mirus on 13 October 2017

Excellent interview. Perler

Excellent interview. Perler is one of your best guests - very clear and easy to follow, especially on a technical subject like this.

By the way, since Aquinas said there were no gaps in the soul and Ockham said there were, it is clear enough to which philosopher this podcast owes its loyalty. ;)

Erik Holkers on 10 May 2024

the interview

Dominik Perler isn't just answering already good questions, but he knows exactly what he wants to convey and how to do that. I got multiple now-I-get-it while listening. I hope he makes a second appearance. You two make a brilliant team.

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