449. Anna Tropia on Jesuit Philosophy

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We learn from Anna Tropia how Jesuit philosophy of mind broke new ground in the scholastic tradition.



Further Reading

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Neville Park on 7 July 2024

Paper title of the day

Just wanted to make sure this gem of a paper title doesn't go unnoticed:

> "Who Wants to Live Forever? Juan Maldonado and Benet Perera on the Philosophical (Im)Possibility to Demonstrate the Souls Immortality"

Andy Mitchell on 8 July 2024

A Favorite Episode

Dr. Tropia is a phenomenal teacher. Thank you!

D. Des Chene on 11 July 2024

Thank you for this…

Thank you for this informative discussion! And to Peter Adamson, without whose History I would not have known of scholars like Anna Tropia.

Adam on 11 July 2024



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