58. A Common Circle: Anténor Firmin

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Haitian anthropologist Anténor Firmin debunks racist pseudo-science and argues that inequalities among humans are caused by social, not biological, factors.



Further Reading

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A special issue of the Journal of Pan-African Studies on Firmin


deng on 3 June 2024


It seems that all the Africana philosopohy podcasts could not be listened on-line. Nor can they be downloaded. Is this a technical problem?

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Peter Adamson on 3 June 2024

Technical problem

Hm, I'm not sure - the streaming seems to work here on this page for example? Maybe it is a problem at your end because we haven't had any other messages that there is a problem.

Hannah G Homer on 7 June 2024


Is there any way to download a transcript of the podcast?

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Peter Adamson on 7 June 2024


We do transcripts for the interview episodes - for the scripted ones we revise them and publish them as a book. But if you want just this episode because you are especially interested, I’d be happy to send that along via email? I just don’t want them to circulate generally in unpolished form prior to the book versions coming out.

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